The weather conditions in the nine islands of the Azores are not very favourable to vine growing. However, the vine has a long tradition in the region, where it is grown since the 15th Century. The Azores are famous for producing fortified wine in Pico and Graciosa, as well as for the production of a light, dry white wine in Terceira.

Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores islands are made up of volcanic soils and have a typically maritime climate. Though having high precipitation and atmospheric moisture, temperatures are mild throughout the year. This way, the vines have to be planted in soils where they are naturally sheltered or protected by man. Stone walls are built to protect the vines from the wind and the sea salty air.

The Denominations of Origin of Graciosa, Biscoitos (Terceira) and Pico were created in 1994. Graciosa produces a white wine from the Verdelho, Arinto, Terrantez, Boal and Fernão Pires grapes. In the region of Biscoitos (Terceira) the Verdelho, Arinto and Terrantez grapes are used to make fortified wine. These same grape varieties are planted in Pico and used to produce the island’s fortified wine, which is considered the best wine in the region.


Source:,  Infovini – Wines of Portugal


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